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Boards Break. Its bound to happen. It sucks when it does. We are so confident in our boards that we guarantee them for 30 days after purchase.* broken board

That's right 30 days. If you break your board, we'll replace it. Email us before expiration. Provide us with your original receipt, and mail in your broken board. We'll mail back a replacement. It's that simple. Our board are made in the USA from Pressed 7ply hard rock sugar maple. We dare you to go out and skate.

Certain conditions apply*

1. Must make claim before the 30 days are expired.

2. Original board must be mailed back.

3. Offer not valid on blemished boards.

4. Boards received for free or at a discounted price through the website do not qualify.

5. Boards purchased through a skate shop must provide proof of purchase (yes we cover boards purchased through shops also.)